Kerala's culture is unique and reawakens the glorious past of ancient India. It has a rich tradition of art and culture with roots running deep into its historical and vibrant past. The art forms are something special & magical that helps you to understand the amazing cultural heritage of the state on a deeper level. The people of Kerala are known for their captivating fables that have lived with them since time immemorial. Everything, from customs to festivals to traditions, is centred on Kerala’s Folklore. They have become the foundation of the rituals that make Kerala unique on the travel map.


Have a glimpse into Kerala’s art & culture while touring God's Own Country. Catch up the cultural performances at the theatres in Kerala. Despite modernization and all the changes that come with it, the tradition and culture of the state and its various art forms are still preserved. Kathakali which is made up of two words “katha” meaning “story” and “kali” which means “play”. Singers sing and vocalize the script of the story which is acted out by the dancers through their facial expressions and hand movements or “Mudras. Apart from the dance & music forms, Kerala also excels in “Kalarippayattu”, an eminent marital art form "kalaripayattu".


The vibrant festival of Onam is one of the most popular and significant harvest festivals of Kerala. It is a ten day festival celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the state between August and September. The festival is essentially celebrated by the people to welcome the homecoming of their legendry King Mahabali. It is believed that the spirit of the king visits the homes of the people at the time of Onam. A fascinating part of the Onam celebration is the Onam Sadya. It is a big feast which is traditionally served on a banana leaf. Let the feast begin.


Thrissur Pooram Festival is the largest and most famous of all Poorams. It is celebrated in Vadakkunnathan Temple in Thrissur every year in April - May. The Pooram is celebrated mainly to worship Lord Shiva and has a lot of colour and music. This is a temple festival that flaunts the vibrant colours of the culture of Kerala. There are around 12 temples, which group together and celebrate this eight-day festival. On the last day, it brings a large festivity to life with a display of innovative fireworks and finery of the elephants. The Pooram is a festival that cannot be missed.


Boat races are a significant part of the culture and tradition of Kerala. The most famous boat race is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race held every year on the second Saturday in the month of August. The sight of these longboats with up to a hundred rowers aboard, with the beating of the drums to make sure that they are all dipping their paddles at the right time. The cheers of the crowds of supporters for their village's team is exciting, noisy and colourful. Words cannot really describe, it just has to be experienced.


Theyyam Festival is a form of worship in Kerala, mainly popular in North Malabar. Theyyam is a sacred ritual art form that dates back to at least 1,500 years and is usually performed before the village shrine and in some family houses as ancestor-worship with elaborate rites and rituals. The word Theyyam literally means ‘God‘ and hence the Theyyam dance is known as the ‘Dance of Gods‘. The performance of Theyyam is supposed to make life prosperous and remove all hazards. Listen to the hypnotic chants and rhythmic drumbeats and feast your eyes on the colourful and vigorous dance moves. Witness the majestic Theyyam in the North Malabar of Kerala


Showcasing the cuisine of a state like Kerala, seasoned by flavours brought in by trade winds from different parts of the world. The kerala cuisine has a distinct flavour of spices which play a pivotal role in Kerala cuisine.

“Toddy” – a fermented coconut drink that does justice to a tapioca and fish curry meal. Fresh toddy is sweet and does not leave you intoxicated. But drinking fermented toddy is highly intoxicating, and is usually had with spicy pickles and boiled eggs. Come over to this charming coastal town and indulge in the best gastronomic experiences that probably won’t let you leave.


The largest art exhibition in the country and the biggest contemporary art festival in Asia held every two years in the quaint little town of Fort Kochi. Indian and international artists showcase their artworks in different media including, paintings, installations, sculptures, film and performance art. The whole festival is so expansive that you need a map to navigate across all the venues. The artworks are displayed across the city in galleries, halls, and installation-specific places such as heritage buildings, abandoned structures and public places. The showcase transforms Fort Kochi into a living, breathing, art space

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